Meet Greg Wright

Speculative Fiction Writer, Podcaster, RPG Enthusiast, Educational Consultant, and Freelance Writer/Researcher/Editor

Greg Wright is a writer, historian, podcaster, and educator native to verdant Arkansas. Featured in the second Murder Park After Dark anthology and Mythopedia, he offers a diverse array of works and styles and is the host of the mythology-focused Godyssey podcast currently in its inaugural season.

His fiction work is influenced by a love of history, mythology, and religion, drawing on a plethora of real-world influences from his travels around the world. Set firmly in speculative fiction, he writes atmospheric, emotionally charged, character-focused pieces ranging from flash fiction to full-length novels. Where possible, he also gladly edits the works of others.

A graduate of the University of Texas, his research focuses on atomic bomb survivors and their social and political treatment in Japan and abroad. His broader interests include Irish history, Rome and the Near East, Carthage, and countless other pet projects. He is also research assistant to anthropologist Sydney Yeager, studying emerging death practices on Facebook.


Published Works

“A Conjuring.” Murder Park After Dark – Volume II. July of 2019. A dark fantasy short story.

“Atomic activism: the history and legacy of Japan’s Hibakusha activists.” 2018 Master’s Thesis. Austin: University of Texas. Department of Asian Studies. Mitsubishi funded Graduate Research into the Ethnohistory of Atomic Bomb Survivors and the Japanese Healthcare System.

“Celtic Mythology.” Mythopedia. 2019. A collection of encyclopedia articles written on Celtic deities, heroes, and mythology.

“Japanese Mythology.” Mythopedia. 2020. A collection of encyclopedia articles written on Japanese kami (deities), bakemono (spirits), and mythology.



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Family Man

I’m raising an enthusiastic halfling adventurer with my partner in crime, anthropologist and sorceress extraordinaire Sydney Yeager.