A year on Godyssey

The Godyssey Podcast has entered its second year of production. We are wrapping up the 2nd season with Odin and a look into Norse Mythology. We’ll kick off season 3 with Amaterasu and Japanese Mythology in May.

You can listen to us on your favorite podcast service by searching for the Godyssey Podcast.

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Godyssey Mythology

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My name is Dr. Sydney Yeager.

I’m a Digital Anthropologist with over 15 years of experience in mixed-methods research, focused on making sense of human behavior and experience. I have a passion about identifying and solving the right problem and believes human-centered research is the key to doing that in the most ethical and efficient way. Earning my Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University in Cultural Anthropology focused on social media user experiences and their health consequences, I’ve worked in digital marketing, market research, and product management.

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